Welcome to the iTV Art website, the one-stop solution for turning your HD or UHD iTV Set into an amazing high-definition virtual art museum tour, when you're not using your iTV set for entertainment, that is... Use your F11 key to go full screen with this iTV art exhibit, or use the convenient Full Screen Toggle button, provided in the top left corner. Your iTV set remote may also have a key dedicated to the "view mode" that can be set to things like Stretch, Zoom, Fullscreen and other view usage modes. Click on the top UI circles above to select different iTV Art Pieces to turn your iTV Set into a frame for internationally famous works of art spanning the millenia. Art categories are at the left side of the screen. We'll be adding new iTV Art over time. This website will work on PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, and e-Readers. If you like the iTV Art website, make sure to check out iTV Set, where you can load your iTV Set with a range of entertainment genres. Website created by iTV Design Agency.